Issues with Excel / Auti fill range & Column data type

Hello everyone,

I’m facing two issues with a processus using Excel:

  • The first one is with the activity “Auto fill range”.
    I have a worksheet with formulas in “M”, “N”, “O”.

I’m using auto fill range for these three columns.

It’s working fine for two of them but for the fist one the formula seems to disapear

I would like to know if some of you have faced this and if you know how to solve this problem ?

  • The second issue I have is with datatype.
    I’m taking data from several Excel files and paste them into an other Excel file.

When I copy the data I use the following code to be sure it’s a string:


But when I look at the data pasted on the other file, some of them are in Date type (strange dates tho!)


Would you happen to know why the data, which are supposed to be string, end up being date ?

Thanks in advance for any kind of help !

Have a nice day :slight_smile:


For M2 …try adding auto fill again …or after the filling of N…nothing looks like issue…

For the second.yes it might happen on excel…so to make sure you can add a apostrophe(‘) infront of the string so that excel recognizes it as string

Other way is to try formatting the excel column as text


Hello Anil,

Thanks for your answer and sorry for coming back to you this late.

I was trying things and aas you said, I deplaced the Auto fill after the N and now it’s working.

So in the same spirits I duplicated the Excel file, I re specified the formatting and now it’s working.

I tried with the apostrophe but unfortunatly the data is used in another formula and it was returning errors.

Thanks for your help !

Have a nice week.

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