Issues with excel 2013? After trimming, still receive error msg "Input String was not in a correct format"

Hello community! Are there any known formatting problems between excel 2013 and 2019.12.0-beta? I had trimmed the variables but still receive error message “Input String was not in a correct format”. Maybe my flow was incorrect? I had attached the XAML, the source .xls, .txt document and screenshot of error message. Thanks in advance for your help

bodyAWC.txt (458 Bytes)

MIN-2R-testing_S.xls (25.5 KB)

sample.xaml (15.2 KB)

I think in the .Xaml “Read text File” activity it was mentioned as “bodyAWC.docx” instead of “bodyAWC.txt”. Please change that and try running it again.
The assign looks ok.

@SowmyaLeo How are you? Thanks so much for checking! As .docx is not allowed to be attached, I change file type to .txt (allowed). Had re-pointed XAML to .txt. When we run it, we will still see the same error.

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Ahh ok … The String.Format seems to work fine for me without any issues. I will test it once again.

Is your Microsoft office 2016 or 2013?

I use 2013

@SowmyaLeo Hello SowmyaLeo! This is resolved and I will close the case. Thanks so much for spending time to look into this.

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