Issues with configuring/assigning to variables

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I am uploading my file to this topic in hope to get some assistance. We are trying to put a default value (ex: 395) for the variable rowID and we create variable assignments to get the rowdisplayvalue variable =rowID. However, when we put a default value in rowID, the first message box to return the rowdisplayvalue should be the same as the number inserted into the rowid value. However, whenever we do this it returns different numbers. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated API_Call_Testing2.xaml (17.3 KB)

Buddy @mgartner

Use rowid either as string or integer dont use as generic type and make the type conversion wherever required, Try buddy that would work


Hi @Palaniyappan ,

Thank you for responding. I tried changing this but the following error was returned:

Compiler error encountered processing expressions “395” Option Strict On disallows implicit conversions from ‘Integer’ to ‘String’

Do you know how I can fix this issue?

Yah buddy include as " .ToString " to it
like this rowID.ToString wherever needed

Do I put this in the default value after 395?

yah better mention it as “395” BUT
in the beginning you need to mention for str value like this
str = matchValue(Convert.ToInt32(rowID)).value

buddyy @mgartner

Any issue still buddy @mgartner

Hi @Palaniyappan

I changed the rowID and str to String like you suggested, then added an assign command


then another assign


the above assign still returns an error saying “Compiler error encountered processing expression “matchValue(rowID.ToString).value” Option Strict On disallows implicit conversions from String to Integer”

Do you know how this can be fixed

mention like this buddy in this existing one buddy dont create new one
str = matchValue(Convert.ToInt32(rowID)).value

i mentioned this previous comment buddy no worries
Try this and let know buddy

here buddy @mgartner everything apart from this where fine

try and let know buddy, lets sort this out

Hi @Palaniyappan

I made the following suggestions, however, the rowDisplayValue variable is still not returning the correct number. It still returns “396” even though it should be “395” as in the default value for rowID

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Buddy some of the activities show error, kindly send them as a zipped folder buddy, that could help us solve this

Hi @Palaniyappan

Here you go (2.7 KB)

Thank you so much!

Still same buddy. kindly send with project.json file as well


Sorry about that. I believe this is the correct one (476 Bytes)


Was this the correct file?

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Yes buddy
Buddy i ran the workflow the rowid Still shows correctly with value of 395 only the rowdisplayid is showing as 396 buddy @mgartner
here we get the value as 396 from API

}]},{id:2523105895180164,rowNumber:396,siblingId:6850302625769348,expanded:true,createdAt:2019-05-06T15:37:29Z,modifiedAt:2019-05-06T15:37:29Z,cells:[{columnId:4141557109548932,value:396.0,displayValue:396},{columnId:3365712728221572},{columnId:3953178354968452,value:Shawn Walker,displayValue:Shawn Walker},{columnId:8456777982338948,value:2019-05-06},{columnId:392049171163012,value:false},{columnId:4895648798533508,value:false},{columnId:

thats why we get as 396 with matchvalue3 and thus displayvalue as 396
Kindly check that

I see, how can we change the API to get the following value as 395 from the API:

}]},{“id”:6850302625769348,“rowNumber”:395,“siblingId”:2173162294667140,“expanded”:true,“createdAt”:“2019-05-06T15:28:19Z”,“modifiedAt”:“2019-05-06T15:28:19Z”,“cells”:[{“columnId”:4141557109548932,“value”:395.0,“displayValue”:“395”},{“columnId”:3365712728221572},{“columnId”:3953178354968452,“value”:“Shawn Walker”,“displayValue”:“Shawn Walker”},{“columnId”:8456777982338948,“value”:“2019-05-06”},{“columnId”:392049171163012},{“columnId”:4895648798533508},

We wanted the rowdisplayid to also be 395 as well.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. This is what we were originally trying to get through the API call

what does the application\json header value has buddy based on that only we will get


I’m not sure. Do you know where I can find this?

Thank you for taking this time to help me.