Issues with an IF activity statements in the latest Studio 2023.10 and System 23.10

Hi @loginerror ,
I encountered some errors with this version, I think it’s due to a bug in the activity,
with “if”, it can lose the entire activity in it after commenting and uncommenting again
and some conditions, although not wrong, are not implemented and ignored
eg: string1 <> string2 and string1 <> string3
I like the look of “if” in the previous version better, it has options drop down from the dropdown of condition builder
Hope the team can fix it,
Thanks & best regards,

Hi @Nguyen_Van_Luong1

Could you please share a few more details about the above feedback?

I’m happy to see your response
thank you @loginerror

I have 3 problems with “if activity”

  1. I have condition correct but I not working
    strSheet<>“Sheet1” and strSheet <>“Stores_list_1” and strSheet<>“Sheet2” and strSheet<>“summary”

Not strSheet.Equals(“Sheet1”) and Not strSheet.Equals(“Stores_list_1”)and Not strSheet.Equals(“Sheet2”) and Not strSheet.Equals(“summary”)

->I think 2 conditions are similar, but it will working with condition2

2.The second issue is my suggestion, I like the interface of the “If” operation in the previous version better.

It helps developers code more quickly, has suggestions and specific indexes, personally I find it useful, and unfortunately it is no longer in this version.

  1. When I initialize a string variable and assign it to “nothing” it won’t understand like this topic by Robert Problem with IfElseIf activity

As of today I see the problems have been resolved, is there any update here, if so that would be great.
I thank you very much for your feedback
Best regards,

Hey @Nguyen_Van_Luong1

I took out your post to a separate topic for ease of discussion.

  1. About the first point - would it be possible to share a sample dummy project that reproduces this issue?

  2. I still don’t fully understand the issue here. But for the record, this is the experience on System 23.10, first shown in StudioX and then in Studio Dekstop:

    So nothing got removed, it is simply streamlined for each Studio experience.

  3. I believe this is unfortunately by design due to a technical limitation if this is the same as here:
    Else If doesn't work how it should - #8 by loginerror
    We are working on an updated version of our documentation to reflect this.

Thanks very much @loginerror ,
All 3 of these issues were resolved after I reinstalled the package. I think maybe when I updated it something was missing or wrong. Thank you and UiPath team for your enthusiastic support, I will update the information if there are any findings. Thank you again !

Thanks & Best Regards,

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