Issues While Execution in Orchestrator

Dear All,

I have build a work flow by using REFramework and it is working find for one user ID and one password.


My workflow works on a REFRAMEWORK concept. Bot reads different user names and passwords from Queues in “Orchestrator”. Then it extracts the rating from B2B portal based on different user names and passwords. Each user name illustrates specific location".

Ex: User ID 1: Rating for Bangalore
User ID 2: Rating for Delhi
User ID 2: Rating for Kerala

BOT uses the 2nd user ID and password in order to Log in to the portal after
it has completed the rating extraction process for the 1st user ID and password. Then, normally it has to extract the rating for 2nd user ID.

Nevertheless, the rating of the new user and password will be the same as previous rating, which BOT has already extracted for previous user ID and password. But, it should not be the case, as every user ID has a unique rating in correspondance to their respective locations

For ex:
User ID 1: XXXX
Password: YYYY
Rating: UNder Karnataka (90 % bangalore; 98& Mysore)

User ID 2: ZZZZ
Password: QQQQ
***Rating: Under Delhi NCR (79% Noida, 85% Gurgaon)".

"It means, the BOT must extract the following rating, when it has entered the B2B portal with a 2nd user name and password like;
" Under Delhi NCR (79% Noida, 85% Gurgaon)".

However, even though the BOT has entered a new user ID and password , it always reflects the same Rating: UNder Karnataka (90 % bangalore; 98& Mysore)*

( despite the fact the user name and passwords are different")

Any suggestions, how to rectify this issue?



Check the selector where those has to dynamic, or else it will give these kind of errors

If possible share the selectors of the activities


Which selector are you talking about ?, as in my workflow, I have different selectors .

Could you please throw some more lights on it ?


As you said that Rating is not changing according to the username

So can you share the selector of the rating with 2 different usernames

Hope this clears you



I will send you the screenshots , what I have include under Type Into function regarding “user Name” and password along with their respective selectors.

Any suggestions how to resolve it?

User Name:


@Srini84 : Hi , Were you able to find some solutions above problem?
Waiting for your response !