Issues running Orchestrator jobs

hi, i have one doubt. how to start the job in this latest version?
pls any help?

Hi @vimala

The Orchestrator instance did not change much, it is only the Cloud Platform page that was redesigned :slight_smile:

Simply navigate to your Orchestrator instance and you will have access to your Orchestrator and starting your jobs.

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not show robot , so could not start job , what is the reason ?? pls give me any ans.

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Could you double check that you have added your Robot to your Environment?

i changed robot type for unattented , but i face this issue

all bots are faulted,

first five process are faulted , e
why this happened?

What is the message from the fault error?

Hi ,

I am still facing the Error message “Folder Default:# Trigger XXX could not start. Undefined robot Undefined robots (#1678)” . Please help to advise me urgently

The Trigger and Jobs were working fine, but this week its not working due to error messag