Issues running Jobs on an Unattended Bot

Hey, I’m having issues running a process on an unattended bot in an Orchestrator Tenant. I have no issues launching the bot from my DEV Tenant to my Development Bot on my local machine, but running the process in the STAGE Tenant on an Unattended Bot is giving strange issues…

When I run the bot, it’s almost as if it won’t complete the init sequence. Many things throw Object not set to an instance of an Object errors. The package I uploaded to the STAGE Tenant included an “Error Output” Folder that I push screenshots of errors to, this file path (referenced via my Config file) is giving the Object not set to an instance of an object error, however, if I RDP into the machine, it begins working as expected (different user account than my local Development Robot account).

Additionally, during the login sequence, it cannot recognize any of the elements that it can on my local machine (the selectors are dynamic and are NOT the issue). So it errors on login, then tries to re-init the login after taskkilling chrome, but continues to error on this step before going to the next Transaction Item (every item fails). Again, if I RDP into the machine MID PROCESS it begins working flawlessly…

I have the launch options for the robot set with the same width/height as my local machine so it should be rendering the display correctly and thus not creating any issues with the selectors.

Anyone else have strange issues like this? Any advice on how to address this??

Hi , Is the bot and the application running in same environment ?
I mean if the Bot is running in Local machine / VM but the application you opened is from citrix , gives the errors ( Provided the Development was done with studio and Application in same environment)

And Object Reference Errors are mainly because of Null values getting passed between variables / arguments and while using them

Pls check any hardcoded values are there in the code which might be having values of Code developed machine , where the values are returning Null during the run time in diff machine

Thanks for the quick reply.

The bot and application are in the same environment. The process navigates through some steps in a locally hosted web app that the VM user account has no issues accessing.

There are no hardcoded values within the process, all the external information that isn’t contextually gained from the webapp/transaction items are from the Config file/Orchestrator Assets. Orchestrator Assets are confirmed to be working in the Unattended Bot.

Like I said some of the information that comes from the Config file, such as the Error Screenshots folder (uses a relative reference to the directory within the root of the process) return an Object Reference Error, but when I RDP in (mid process run), they no longer throw Object Reference Errors.

There is no use of Citrix applications with the process at all, the VM is hosted on site, Orchestrator is hosted on Azure, and the webapp that is accessed is locally hosted as well.