Issues running BOT the next day


For some reason, all the BOTs that I have created thus far, work perfectly on the day of creation. However, when I try to run the BOT on a later date I get an error message and I am not sure what I am doing wrong. One of the error messages I have received is read as below:

Source: Click “List Item”

Message: Cannot find UI element corresponding to this selector: < ctrl name=‘Desktop’ role =‘list’ /> < ctrl name=‘SAP Business Client’ role=‘list item’ >/.


Hi there @echioke,
Are you running these bots in a differing manner, for example through the studio/headless?

In addition, are you accessing SAP (and any other systems) via an alternate account?

The issue could relate to any number of factors, you may need to go through and validate the troublesome selectors, minimising any aspects which may change across executions.

Apologies I cannot be more helpful.


Hi ,

I have not made any changes to the way SAP is accessed, and I am not sure why I keep receiving these error messages.

Hi there @echioke,
Is it possible that SAP is taking longer to load in these subsequent executions?

Perhaps it would be pertinent to alter the default timeouts to ensure sufficient time is available for loading/accessing each element.

In addition, have you watched the process during these runs, if so have you noticed any instances where latency/load times may come into play, or any other anomalous activities?


Firstly, before opening the SAP,first go through element exists activity for Login window

If it set to TRUE then you can proceed further.

Always use element exist/image exist in opening any application or page for the first time