Issues login in to orchestrator


I can’t access orchestrator dashboard to see the process and bots. I passed Level 2 Orchestrator Training two weeks ago. I created a robot which was connected and licensed. Today, the robot got disconnected, it’s offline. I am trying to log in the orchestrator and the login page changed when I click in the service to see the process, queues, assets, and dashboard I got an unexpected error.

Please help me, I need to login to orchestrator.


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Hi @Gabycubus89 ,
The Orchestrator was in maintenance Today.

You can see more details in other posts like this one:

Still, if you have the issue, can you provide a screenshot with the error that you see?
I verified the Orchestrator, for my account it is working properly.


When I click in Gabycubus89 to see the orchestrator I got the error (image above). Do you know how can I fix it?

Mail]( for Windows 10

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May be this could help you out Buddy


I am still can’t sign into the orchestrator. Is it still in maintenance?

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yes buddy @Gabycubus89, i hope so

still same issue?? I am facing exactly same now