Issues in the activity Get POP3 Mail Messages



Hi ,
I have two issues with the Get pop3 activity

  1. When I execute the activity, I gote an eg 5 emails, however if I execute it again, it doesn’t return me anything, it’s like I only can read the email one time.

  2. I created a process that execute the pop3 several time; if there are not new emails, the process wait some time before executing the pop3 again. The problem with this is that after a certain number of execution (no always the same number) .The proccess fail

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1.Check read option in property pane
2.can u please upload ur workflow?


Hi @rahatadi ,

  1. I don’t find Read option in the property pane.

  2. i will upload the workflow , however i cleared some activities for security reason .
    Main.xaml (59.6 KB)

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check this out:


Hi @Divyashreem ,

I only can use protocol pop3.
Thank for your reply


Any suggestion ?