Issues in Scheduling Bot

Hi Team,

Can anyone please help me to schedule a process for every one hour?

we can schedule the process for every one hour @ 1,2,3…
But I want to schedule the process @ 1.30,2.30,3.30…

Thanks in advance.


we can try with cron expression here in schedule option

0 0/30 0/1 ? * * *

Cheers @SudhaRajesh

Hello Sudha,

I believe this is the setting you’re looking for. You would select Hourly and then set it to happen every 1 Hour at 30 minutes after the hour. Take a look:


Thank you for the response!

Our requirement is to schedule a job on particular days(Wed, Fri, sometimes Tue) from 10.15 to 7.15(every 1 hour).

Thanks in Advance!


That’s very different from your initial request. For something like this, you have two options. You can either have multiple schedules that have the different hourly timeslots, something I have currently if I want to be able to turn off a few slots and leave the others, or you can go with @Palaniyappan’s cron format option if you want something that’ll be able to express all of them in one listing.

I always have to look up the format, but I think you’d want something like:

15 10-20 * * 2,3,5

That, I believe, denotes that it should run every fifteen minutes past the hour between 10 am - 8 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

Double check it here.

If you don’t to have to memorize all the cron commands like me I use a website below, then copy the cron line to the schedule tool. It is in the proper format so no issu there.

Below is between 10AM and 8PM on Tue, Wed and Friday on the quarter hour

0 15 10-20 ? * TUE,WED,FRI

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