Issues in Production Environment`

I just started Learning RPA and I want to know that as an RPA Developer what are the challenges/ issues occurred or you guys facing in the time of production environment or deployment of your bot in production.


usually we will be having three different instances and a RPA Developer will be using all those in sequence of their process of workflow development
–first from DEV instance we will be developing the process
–once after developing the process will be testing with data in the TEST instance
–once testing is done will move that or upload that nupkg file to the PROD instance i.e., Production instance
–then we can run that process on adhoc or keep that in schedule

so coming to your question, once after developing we would come to the different possibilities of error occurence while testing in TEST instance.
–Thus we can validate the error at that instance and the common issues will be like
validation error because of the activites and package version variation…this usually occurs when the version of studio and robot are different from TEST and DEV instances
so make sure that the version of studio are same between them and also the activities package versions are also same
–Then if we are good with logic along the workflow we wont face any issue apart from the above one with respect to UIPATH. but still we might face some issue with other applications like Chrome, and other third party application
like in chrome if the chrome extension is not installed in the TEST Instances then we will be facing issue while trying to access the elements in the chrome.
and if we miss with applications that we have in DEV and not in TEST then we will be facing issue while trying to access them
So make sure that we have all the applications installed in TEST as we have in DEV

–if all these remedies are made repeat the same in PRODUCTION instane as well. we wont face any issue…

hope this would help you
kindly let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @RishabhMathur


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