Issues in ExtractData.xaml with the WIList (Course 3, Hash Assignment)

Hello all,

I have some issues with the Hash assignment in Course 3.

  1. While running locally the ExtractData.xaml, the content of the table is written in an xlsx file and it is saved. After publishing and running the robot from Orchestrator the content of the table is not saved to the xlsx file (it opens the file and pastes the data there but immediately closes it without saving; I have checked the Auto-save option)
  2. Running the robot from Orchestrator: After the ExtractData is invoked and it runs, it automatically goes to End Process. I have debugged it by using a message box where I display this: "WIList count is: "+WIList.Count.ToString (before this I have this assign: WIList = out_WIList). The problem seems to be that WIList/out_WIList is empty for whatever reason. Both WIList and out_WIList are of DataRow type.

Does anyone have any ideas on why this happens?

This can be closed. Some weird stuff going on with the studio. Deleted the files and re-done them again and now it just works (exactly like they were).

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