Issue with Vm with unattended Bot

Hy team
i m trying to run a small automation with web automation (click activity and get text Activity)but its failing because i m not log in to the VM but if a logged in and run from orchestrator it Runs smoothly
why is that how to over come this issue

Keep a dedicated VM for this and turn off any lock screen or any other settings enable on VM. Then set a trigger from orchestrator. It should work.

I’m running 4 vm’s like this.

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Hi @manjula_rajendran
turn off the lock screen means remove the password to the VM

while running on VM how do you manage the selectors & click activity time out

Thank you

For click or type into activities, check the checkbox simulate click/type in properties.

If some operation need some time use delay activity or mention delay time needed in delay after / delay before which is present in properties of the activity.


Hi @Tharusha.fernando , it’s not you are removing the password. To access the VM always you login but unless you logout from VM you don’t need to login again. I’m telling don’t logout just keep your session enable all the time.

when you are getting timeout issue? are you doing browser activity or desktop activity?

Dear @manjula_rajendran
on Browser stuff. mostly

Thank you

Hi @Tharusha.fernando , if it is a browser stuff, don’t need to worry. Complete your workflow. Set the Bot and set the scheduler for running. It will work on your VM.

Note: If you are using Active Accessibility to scrape the data then it may not work if your screen is not enabled. Handle the situation in Try Catch.


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Hi @manjula_rajendran thanks for your help

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