Issue with Use Application: Global Protect

Dear UiPath Community,
I am trying to automate one process, but I am facing an issue trying to do screen scrapping.
The goal is to check if VPN is connected and connect if it is not. The steps are:

  1. Go to Global Protect App (on taskbar):

  2. Clicking and checking if it is connected (GetText):

  3. If it is not connected, clicking button “Connect”


The issue is that when I am clicking on the icon on the taskbar, and i.e. on the button “Connect” UiPath is not recognizing it as the same application:

Any idea how to fix it?

Appreciate your help,

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Are you using a web recorder or you are taking activities from the panel for every action?

Hi Pravin_Patil1,
I am using App Recorder:

Just record the steps till connected check (Get Text)

after that take click from activity panel outside of attach browser or attach window and try to indicate

we also use Global Protect in our company, but Virtual Machines have been deprived of it, because it makes no sense if the VM is on a server inside the company and must connect to the VPN.

How are you solved on your side that you have to use GP?

Can you post a selector view in Ui Explorer?

I can’t even GetText from the window. I can’t perform any action on this window.

You cannot take any action as it is probably secured. Use the IMAGE click:


@Kinga_Formela I’m also using global protect and I’m able to get text.
Kindly check the below Screenshot.


Best Regards,

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It is needed for attended process for now.
Ui Explorer for this item:

I suppose that is an issue: the ctrl name for this element is ‘Connected’ or ‘Not Connected’, but after that, the window name is ‘GlobalProtect’.

Could you please share the .xaml file with me?

@Kinga_Formela I have just used GetText activity to extract the " Connected " text

Unfortunately, it does not work for me.

@Kinga_Formela Cloud you please try with Desktop Recording?

Kindly check the attached workflow. I have just used Desktop Recording

demo.xaml (12.5 KB)

What kind of an error you are getting?


It works perfectly using Desktop Recording. Thanks!
The thing which concerns me now is that when I am opening your file I can see ‘Recording’ button:
but when I am opening any of my files I have only ‘App/Web Recorder’:
so I can’t use:

Can you please tell me why and how to enable it? Ui Path Studio version is the same.

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@Kinga_Formela I’m using Uipath Studio 2020.10.2 community

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