Issue with UiPath Robot

For the purpose of automating tickets assignment on ServiceNow tool, I have proceeded with a small Proof of Concept to assign tickets automatically on ServiceNow. However, I am having issues with my robot, it is no longer working.

Please find below the steps I have gone through for installing Uipath Studio and Orchestrator:

  1. I was using Studio and StudioX 60 days trial(version 20.4.1)whereby I was given a trial code for activation and I have developed my automation workflow and configure my UiPath Robot which was running fine.

  2. However, the trial licence has been expired and I am getting alerts that my Robot is unresponsive.
    I have thus

    downloaded UiPath Studio version Community Licence and have configured as below using Connection TypeMachine Key

Image labelled “Screenshot1.png” attached for orchestrator configuration.

  1. My Uipath robot is still not working. Please find attached image labelled “Screenshot2.png” for error message being sent for unresponsiveness of Robot.

  2. The status of my Robot is showing “Available” but, when I go to the section Automations to run my processes, I cannot view the Robot in order to run it. Please find attached image labelled “Screenshot3.png” for status of my robot in orchestrator.

Can you please provide guidance of how to fix this issue(Robot stopped working)?

Thank you very much for your responses.


Can you go to the Folder you are using and then go to the Robots and share a screenshot from that page…
Most probably it happens when the password changes or you enter the wrong user name…

Hello Pravin,

Thank you for your response.

By going to the folder, you mean what exactly? I do not have any folder. Do you mean I shoulf open Uipath Assistant?

Thank you

Folders on Orchestrator…On the left side panel in your screenshot…

It should be under Default folder

Please find attached image labelled “Orchestrator.png”.

Check in shared folder…
The robot giving error does not exist in the Default folder

The shred folder display nothing as described in the screenshot labelled “shared_folder.png” i

Below is the screenshot when I click on Tenant.

The screenshot labelled “error_robot_alert_17_03_2021” is the alert I have received via mail today.