Issue with the looping part

Hi, I am issue with the loop.
I have multiple forlder in each folder I have 2 files.
I am checking the files according to the month.
All logic is working fine.
Only I want to check why it’s alwasy reading the first folder.

As I have all folder in loop.
can you help please. @Palaniyappan @indra @lakshman

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May I know what was mentioned in the GetFiles method
If we have specified the folder then only from that folder we will be getting the files
Cheers @balkishan

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Hey bro same solution which you provided, for month wise reading.
Actually I have used folder list but it’s checking only folder1 only. not going to the folder2 and so on…

If you want I can provide you the workflow. Miay be I did some mistake in the looping part. But it’s reading each of the folder and the files inside it.
But chkecking for folder1. once checked both the files in folder1 again start to checking for folder 1 only. it should check for folder2 and so on. kindly reply. Thanks

Once check the files(Jul, Aug) for NewFolder1 it should check for NewFolder2 but it’s checking for NewFolder1 only

Hi @balkishan
After reading each and every folder set a condtion if the folderone exists already in else condition read the second folder based on the path exists activity

Ashwin S

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No need to give the condition. In loop it should read all folder’s files one by one. But it reading only first folder file.

I will suggest put some log messages and check

  1. element count or rows count of the folder list
  2. name of the folder inside the loop
    by doing this you will be able to know the content of your list and no. of count available in your list
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Already did bro. But may be something is wrong. can you check If I provide you the workflow.

share your workflow

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here you go with the final xaml
hope its resolved (41.9 KB)

Cheers @balkishan

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Thanks that’s what I want

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in the expression mention like this
mention in specifc folder
Cheers @balkishan

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