Issue with ST-NMG-004 rule

Hi, I try to use the Workflow analyzer but I might have an issue with the ST-NMG-004 on flowcharts. It is mentioning that all nodes on the main flowchart are duplicated.

Is this something that is happening for all or I do something wrong?

I don’t want to change the threshold to 2 because in this case it will ignore other duplications but in the same time I don’t want this to be listed as a duplication.


Hi @CristianZachiteanu,
Could you give us an example of workflow where you have this issue?

Yes, Please find it attached.Flowchart.xaml (17.0 KB)

@CristianZachiteanu Can you share the Error List results you are getting when analyzer is used?

After running your attached file I get the expected results as these activity names are duplicated:

Hi Alexandru,

Unfortunately for me is kicking this list of errors:

I use UiPath Studio 2020.10.2

And when I open the Outline panel the all the activities/sequences inside the Flowchart are listed two times like this:


Why do you consider the error list bogus? From the picture I see you are breaking 2 rules multiple times:

  1. ST-NMG-004 ST-NMG-004 - Display Name Duplication
  2. ST-MRD-002 ST-MRD-002 - Activity Name Defaults

There are two sections in the Outline Panel:

  1. StartNode → all the nodes connected to start
  2. Nodes → all the nodes in the project (some nodes can just be present in canvas, without being connected to Start, so this view is useful for viewing all the activities)

Hi Alexander,

The Analyzer was run on the same flow I have attached to the second post which you used to run the Analyzer. The question is why on your analyzer the ST-NMG-004 is triggered only for two activities and on my analyzer is triggered for activities that are not duplicated in the flow.


@CristianZachiteanu can you DM some contact details so we can have a short call to understand the behaviour you are seeing?


We managed to replicate the issue and it will be fixed in the next version. Stay tuned for our next release.

Thanks for your help.

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I believe this issue is already fixed in 20.10.4, I’ll mark this topic as completed.