Issue with SimulateType and SimulateClick properties on JDE website

Hi everyone,

I have been working on a web automation for creating users in JDE website. I created the workflow by enabling the “SimulateType” and “SimulateClick” properties for “TypeInto” and “Click” activities, which helps the process to run in the background.

But when I try to run my workflow the activities are not working properly, for example the click activity is working/initiating earlier than TypeInto activty in the sequence. I tried to place delay’s between these activities, but the problem still exists.

Whereas, when I try to run the workflow by disabling these properties, it’s executing fine, but I am not able to run the process in background and the execution time is a bit longer.

Can anyone please suggest me what should I do? As I am facing this issue with JDE website only, I have worked on some other websites also like the ones in training and I didn’t face any issue like this before.


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