Issue with Set Range Color

I’m comparing the excel workbook sheets(like Sheet1 & Sheet2). If any case Sheet1 data matched with Sheet2 then the data row background-color changed to red (System.Drawing.Color.Red). If multiple rows of data matched in Sheet2 background-color changed for only one row…

I’m getting values from Sheet1 & Sheet2 the data matched but the row colors not changed. I’m not able to find where did I make mistake.


If possible share your workflow or the method you have followed to highlight the rows.

Hi @Rajesh_Nalleboina
Check this

ashwin S

![Excel_Color_Change|690x330](upload://2GUlnJCRRddexcel_Data.xlsx (9.8 KB) 5EyYzRnX3JqTo3mC.png)

Dear Sarathi,

Please find the above attachments. In .png image, I get the data matched. But only color changed for one row. That you found the excel file.

HighlightRowInExcel.xaml (10.9 KB)

Check this workflow, I have hardcoded the input value just to match, you can pass if based on your logic. Check with this and let me know if any issues.

Note: I have used Excel.Extensions.Activities, so you need to include that package to work with.