Issue with selector happening sometimes

Hi everyone,

I am facing a issue related to selector which is happening rarely but, its frustrating.

My flow is :-

*Login to web app
*redirect to empid search page(will paste search from excel and click search)
*Do the process work
*Redirect to empid search page

and i am facing issue in the last step, when its redirecting to the empid search page its giving selector issue but this is happening few a times only and that time my full flow gets stuck and failed.

I have made my selector dynamic still the issue is same.

P.S I am using navigate to to redirect to the page

Navigate is something which you will give the URL. Nothing to do with the selector @indrajit.shah. Make sure the background is the browser when the running workflow reaches the activity.

Try using a retry scope to retry the activity twice as it is working some times and a delay before the process work :slight_smile:

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To troubleshoot run use write line to output the full selector each time it is being used.

Then compare a selector which is working with one which is not, that’s the first step.

If all looks as it should, i.e. both selectors are output in the form you expect, then you need to ascertain whether the faulty selector actually exists on the webpage you are interacting with. Compare the selector in your workflow with the actual element you are trying to select.

I have used attach browser and the selector for that is dynamic i meant, and that’s the error i m getting.

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Attach browser is not required to navigate the URL of a browser to a new URL. Just placing it in the Open browser will navigate to a new url @indrajit.shah.

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@HareeshMR, I have already a unfixed issue with retry scope, which i am still struggling with here is the topic

i had did all parts in different workflows so every-time for next time i am invoking the workflow