Issue with Select Item Activity

I have a series of drop down boxes in a desktop application as below:

When I manually through mouse clicks select “ATLAS” from the Source Type, the Record Type field activates with a series of values to choose from.

When I use the “Select Item” activity to select “ATLAS” from the Source Type, the Record Type field does not activate with options. (as per screenshot above).

Could this activity be modified to act as if the item has been selected by a click?

Can you use tab to move the control to Record Type - All, because sometimes there might be SelectIndex change event might be present.
So once you select the source type give Tab

Didn’t think of that, but just tried it and it doesn’t work. It will just skip to “Record Status”. It only seems to activate the Record Type when the source type value is physically clicked, or selected using arrow keys.

If anyone else has the same issue, I’m using this as a work around. After selecting the value it presses the up then down arrow in the field.