Issue with SAP Automation

Hi Team,

While automating SAP …facing issue with timing for identifying ui elements on sap screen.
Ex: if there are 100 transactions, for first one taking 3 to 4 seconds to recognise any ui element on screen…(Get Text, Type into,) but for transactions after 50th, taking more than 15 seconds for each element recognisition.

Sometimes, for 90th transaction, taking only 6 seconds. Why is this variation? Any work around pls???


Maybe It was the issue with SAP to appear the elements, Make sure that you have enough memory to execute on SAP

Hope this helps you


Thanks, so you are saying like it depends on Bot server RAM memory … if its utilized less, then SAP elements appears fast?

Any workarpund to overcome this issue?


SAP is a heavy application, so RAM memory should be good enough to execute the SAP application in a smooth way

If you are running long process, suggest to clear your temp files and free up you memory space

That could fast up your process

Hope this helps you


HI @Balamareeswaran_Muru

From the description above nothing is clear :))))

Which SAP system, which WinGUI, what is running on user machine besides SAP? Where is the logs? what is in the logs? and, and, and… It is not clear which component causes the issue, is this an SAP, is this any other tool?

Please raise a support incident, that our team can analyse the topic with you.

Before submitting the incident:

  1. Try to isolate the component which causes the issue, e.g. use SAP Native Script Recorder to generate a script file equivalent to the UiPath workflow and run it. Is performance still dropping?
  2. Provide more details to reproduce the issue
  3. Provide logs

We are running in our SAP test regression portfolio over the night not just a hundred SAP transactions, it goes to thousands and we have not seen such behaviour.
I want to understand more!

Best regards, Lev