Issue with Row Index of found cell

Hello Uipath Community,
Look The attached Excel File.
So i have some row and columns in an excel file, somewhere in the row i have a text (let’s say “something”) , so i will read whole excel file > search for the word “something” > then i want to copy only the cell which is above my text and paste it to some other sheet.
But the problem is when i use lookup datatable the row index count of my text is coming like 15 but when you see the excel file it’s actually 16, i wanna know what’s the reason behind it?New Microsoft Excel Worksheet.xlsx (8.4 KB)


If I am not wrong, excel index starts from 1 and data table Index starts from 0.

according to that my row index count should come like 16 right ? and the excel file row index would actually be 17

Check once, whether in read range activity, add headers is checked or not, if it’s checked unchecked and try

Maybe you could use LookUp Range Activity Instead but still need to think of a way to increase the counter.