Issue with Refresh Token in Jenkins with UiPath

While trying to use Post Build Action from UiPath Deploy in Jenkins, I have to provide the Refresh Token from my Community Orchestrator. But instead of a Textbox in Jenkins, I am getting a drop-down making it impossible for me to enter the Token I copied from Orchestrator.
Below is the screenshot of the page.
Jenkins version: 2.236
OS: Windows 10
UiPath Plugin version: 2.0.0

Hi @adityamooley,

It’s a drop-down because we want you to use the Jenkins credentials store, and only choose a set of credentials from the store when configuring the plugin.

To add a credential to the store, go to Credentials (in the left-hand pane) → select a store → select a domain → Add Credentials and choose Secret Text as the type of the credential. Granted, the help text should be improved to clarify this.

Let me know if this resolves your issue.

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Thanks Alvin. That resolved the issue.

Another question is, how are you proposing Git repository to look like in order for Jenkins to work? Shall I create one repository per process? Or can I have just one repository and then create different branches for each process and then the branch merges into master when it is ready to be deployed in production?

Both ways would work fine. The repository per process approach is the easiest way, albeit having too many repositories isn’t easy to manage, particularly if you want to make changes in multiple processes.

In order to use a single repository for multiple processes, what you described is a valid branching strategy, however it doesn’t give you a lot of control for deploying a single package from that repository, which might sometimes be all you need (say for a minor fix).

For more control with multiple process from a single repository, you can have special rules so that when a branch called say releases/MyFirstProcess is built, it always only builds and deploys the process in the folder MyFirstProcess.

however it doesn’t give you a lot of control for deploying a single package from that repository, which might sometimes be all you need (say for a minor fix)

Oh. you bet how much I am missing the control :frowning_face: Every time, I merge something to master, it builds all the processes and deploys it.

When you say special rules, can you give more details here? Which rules, where, etc. Because when I trigger the build, I cannot get the branch whose PR was merged in master and thus I am not able to build just releases/MyFirstProcess branch.

In order to be able to control when you actually want to release master, consider adding a manual approval step, conditional on the build branch being master.

An example of how to build a manual approval step that pings you on Slack can be found over here.

But even after doing this, Jenkins will end up creating package for every process folder in master. So, its not about when I want to release master but what I want to build from master.

I way I have found is to read the branch name from build log and pass it to Project(s) Path in UiPath Pack. But I am struggling with environment variables in Jenkins at the moment.

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