Issue with reading CSV File


Source: Read CSV

Message: The CSV file format for Data\EQY-Dispatch-Report-20211202-183413.csv is invalid. Line 2 contains more values than the header line.

HI ,

The number of jobs line is there , so the Read text can be used and delete the starting lines and then start the read csv with the Job number lines.

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Hi @devashish1989 ,

The error message indicates that Line 2 has more entries than the header / remaining data table. Just wanted to check if you were able to resolve it.


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@Raluca_Laic : Yes the issue is resolved now. I first read csv using read text file then deleted that line and write to new CSV and then read it through Read CSV. But, I was thinking it should have read whole data with column names as Column1, Column2 … etc.

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