Issue with Read Range

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During my studies at UiPath academy in one of the course i got stuck .
At the practice level in lesson 9 practice 1 write " Find and add a Read Range activity into the main sequence" , at first everthing looks good execpt one thing , i took the read range but it’s looks diffrent from the one at the academy.

From my studio:

From UiPath academy:

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Hi @Ydines9

The first read range will support excel application scope where as the other shows for xlsx read range

Ashwin S

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first one is from excel activities
second one is from workbook activities
when you search in activity panel as workbook we will be getting set of activiities that has same activities when searched as excel

but the difference when this workbook activitty has to be used and when this excel activity can be used
–workbook activity can be used even when the excel applicaton is not installed but excel activity can be used only when excel application is installed

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Thanks ! @Palaniyappan

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