Issue with process execution from orchestrator

I have a process which interacts with SAP application, which is working fine when i executes the process from studio. But when i try to execute the same from orchestrator in the same machine, it fails, if i am not remotely connected to this machine. Works fine when I’m connected remotely. I have given the login to console property as true and have given valid credentials. What i noticed is even though the login to console property is true I’m not kicked out of the machine while process execution if I’m connected via rdp session, which i found odd.

Can anyone help me on this


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May i know what type of license are you using ? Is it Non-production or Production BOT license ?

It has production BOT license

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Is the process having sequence of activities to connect to that RDP by any mean

cheers @Athira

No. Okay sorry. I should have mentioned that the production machine is a virtual machine. That’s why i mentioned like if I’m connected to the vm via an rdp session it works even if triggered from orchestrator. Otherwise it doesn’t. As per my understanding if we have login to console true, and a process is triggered from orchestrator it should take the control ryt, but its not happening