Issue with packaging

Hi All,

we have taken one package with version number 3.0.0(for example) and uploaded it into the acceptance environment for UAT. After that, we found some more changes required or an additional requirement to be added to the existing package. so we have deleted the package version number 3.0.0 and uploaded again another package with the same version number after including changes required that are menioned above. Now we do not see the new changes that have been added in the second release of version 3.0.0.

anybody faced a similar issue?

Hi @ramu_at

I think this is not the best practice. The packages are unpacked in a .nuget folder, in here:


Each new version gets their own subfolder, and it first checks if the folder exists. This causes this issue.

The solution:

  • keep the changes versioned (best practice)
  • delete the cached folder for that version (workaround)

Thanks for the clarification. it helps a lot

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