Issue with old test cases after 23.2.0 update

I have a project with an old version, when I tried to add a test case developed with the new version 23.2.0 UiPath cannot open it (the new one)

Hi @Fares_Ayeche,

It seems like there is an issue with opening a specific file in UiPath Studio after updating to version 23.2.0. The error message suggests that the file is invalid and cannot be opened.

  • One possible solution to this issue could be to check if the file has been corrupted or damaged. If this is the case, you may need to restore a backup version of the file or recreate it from scratch.

  • Another possibility is to try opening the file in a different version of UiPath Studio to see if the issue is specific to the 23.2.0 update. If the file opens successfully in another version of UiPath Studio, you may need to report the issue to UiPath support team for further investigation.

  • Lastly, you can also try repairing or reinstalling UiPath Studio to see if this resolves the issue. This can be done through the Control Panel on your computer by selecting UiPath Studio and choosing “Repair” or “Uninstall/Change”.