Issue with OCR pressing on search bar pop up


I’m having difficulty with using the uipath OCR commands, I have my rpa search in a search bar and that creates a pop up with with results that is above the page and I can’t get the OCR or CV or see it and press select the text that I need it to. Since the search results are different each time and the text I need pressed is in a different position, I’m not sure what to do. I’ll include a picture as an example of what I need pressed versus what can pop up.


Why are you using OCR? Open UiPath Explorer and click that 0110 that you want to click, and share the resulting selector here.

I have the 0110 as an example, the search term changes and the thing that I need pressed isn’t always in the fourth spot, as in the example, in the search queue which is why I can’t use the normal click :confused:

Of course you can use a normal click, with a dynamic selector.

Again, click it in UiPath Explorer and post the selector here.


  1. If you want to check with the search results you can verify data using the below list.

  2. After your search try with click enter if it will proceed.

  3. Other option is after search results you can change the selector & select it using click text or click activity.

These are the three options try either of the one will work.