Issue with multi-condition in "Filter Data Table" activity

Hello everyone,

I would like to remove row in datatable with multiple conditions in “Filter Data Table” activity, so I specified data which I want to remove in Rows Filtering Mode but it 's not working.

For example, my datatable has 2 columns name “Plant” and “Billing Type”. I want to remove row that Plant equal to 1010 and Billing type equal to ZB91, so I filter these multiple conditions with “And” in Filter Rows as shown in given picture.


It worked when I tried to filter only one condition. But when I added another condition, it doesn’t work.
Please help me solve this issue.

Hi @sathikaotk

In Filter wizard you used And operator Instead of And operator use Or operator
and check

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There is nothing wrong in the condition.
But I guess in your excel file the values may contain extra spaces.

To resolve this, in your filter datatable activity, instead of equal sign please use Operation “Contains”. In this case even if your data contains extra spaces it will work.

Karthik Byggari

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Hi Gulshiyaa

Thank you for your suggestion.
I try to change And operator to Or operator but the result is not my expected output cause it remove all of specified Billing type with other Plants that I want to keep it.


Hi Karthik Byggari,

Thank you for your help.
I found that my data in excel file contain spaces and now it’s working by using contains operation.


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