Issue with local window in parallel debug while running another process using different bot through orchestrator

Hello everyone,
I came across a situation where I was debugging code for Process X using bot A. I could see all correct values of variables in variables loaded in local window.
When I am in the middle of debugging Process X, Bot B started to run Process Y through orchestrator as it was schedule to run every 15 minutes.
Issue observed:While the other bot (bot B)is in running state, the values for local variables of bot A for process X are randomly allocated and picked from other process(Process Y by bot B through orchestrator schedule) run.

Probable impact:
As I observe it can be a bigger security risk as well since, the bot schedule to run in orchestrator if running process in parallel while debugging different process or script using different bot, will have local values for variables and properties from process that is being executed through orchestrator?

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Hi @chetanRPA

Could you give us details about your environment and software versions (Studio, Orchestrator, activity packages)?

We are using Orchestrator 2018.2.6, Studio: 2018.2.3 Enterprise edition. I had a chat with other developers from UiPath as well during one of the UiPath RPA meets recently and it was a surprise for them as well. In my opinion it is a major glitch.

Let me know if you need further information in replicating it.

I have trouble reproducing on the newest community edition (2019.2). I would strongly suggest you to contact our support directly here:

What I tried was to:

  1. Start debugging by stepping into my workflow
  2. Immediately start a job from Orchestrator

It worked as expected and the job in Orchestrator was stuck Pending until I exit from the debugging session, at which point it resumed.

It might be that this glitch is already resolved in the newest version, or more steps need to be taken to reproduce it (i.e. run the process from scheduler).

Thanks for your response. I will raise ticket through this link.However, it might need multiple run times as per UiPath Enterprise licensing. Since you were trying it on community edition or have just one run time, the other job you started while debugging the first one, went to pending.
So if you have an option of multiple run-time, try to debug one bot for any script in debug mode. have another bot scheduled to run through orchestrator at the same time by setting its start time after 1 or 2 minutes of your debugging.
You should be able to replicate the above scenario.

You may be right as well in a sense that having updated version, it may have already fixed in recent releases.

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