Issue with level 1 certification

I have completed my level 1 certification but did not get certificate via email or could not find the link to download it via online. More over it shows as I have not completed the videos yet. I tried to do so, but got blocked in lesson 9 could not not able to proceed further.

Please advice. Help me in getting my level 1 certificate.

Hello ,
Even you clear the final test but if you again try any test from any lesson and if you failed then it shows what you see.Once you cleared this test then automatically it will unlocked all your achievements (lesson test). This actually happens with my frnd too

hope it will help…

Thanks for the information,
but I passed all the quizzes in all lessons, but now it is showing as I need to take the lessons from lesson 9. I could not able to proceed to next lesson in lesson 9, as it is blocked for me.