Issue with Invoke workflow

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I created different sequences for different functionality (Login, Logout, File Download etc). Then in the Main i just dragged and dropped those sequences and connected one by one. When i double click on one box it opens the Invoke workflow file. But there is no Open workflow option in that activity to open the particular sequence.


right click on invoke workflow you’ll see open workflow
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Thank you! I got it.

But variables should be individually in sequence level or in Main ?

main would be better!

We got two options to open the xaml file
We can find the open workflow option on right clicking that Invoke workflow file activity
In the PROJECT panel we can double click that xaml and open the file

And while taking variable there are two things
Global and Local variables which can be managed purely based in the process and it’s workflow

Global variables can be defined in the MAIN workflow and it can be called in other workflows involved with the help of arguments with IN type arguments

While the LOCAL variables defined within each individual xaml can be called outside of those xaml with arguments of direction OUT and used in MAIN workflow

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I am finding it difficult to understand where to use variables and where arguments. Again if argument then how it is passing from one workflow to other.

  1. I have a Config.xlsx file and a corresponding config (Dictionary variable). As this would be used in many xaml files where should i declare this and how to access this in other workflows.

  2. Like that in my Settings.xaml file i am extracting the username and password from windows credentials and storing in variables.

  3. This above got username and password would be required in Login.xaml file. So how the above username and password variables would flow from Settings.xaml file to Login.xaml file.

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Let’s go one by one
For this

This can be read in InitAllSettings xaml inside the Init State
Where in that we would have used read range activity and get the datatable from config file, named configTable

Then the value will be read in each row and will be assigned to a Argument named out_Config
Why argument is this has to be used outside this InitAllSettings xaml
So we would have used OUT arguments and thus used in another xaml and in main workflow as well

For this yes we are using variables
Fine to pass them now to login xaml that is another xaml then we need to pass that as a value to a OUT argument using a assign activity
Or directly we can mention that argument named in the Output property of GET Credential activity

Then it can be assigned again to a variable in MAIN XAML and it will be back passed as input to LOGIN XAML as IN arguments

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