Issue with Image Automation

Hi All,

I am working on automation in which I have to use Image Based activities. I have developed the XAML in my laptop and XAML is working fine but when I run the same XAML in my desktop it is not working which is very obvious because the size and resolution of the image will be changed in desktop because of screen size and all the other factors.

My question is how to overcome this situation or resolve this issue.
Note: I have to use Image-based activities only.

Any help is appreciated.


Hi @anmolk171,

Define a naming convention for your image files and a folder path where the images are stored. In the example, btn_Login.png is Login button read within script folder. (I highly recommend you place the images to a specific folder where the user/citizen developer can easily make changes. Using a snipping tool on the target PC to capture the image and save/replace to the same image file). The Load Image activity output is Btn_Image which is used in Click Image activity.