Issue with Get Robot Credential

Hi ,

I am working with Uipath version V2016.1.6137 and used the activity Get Credential(Asset) to retrieve the credentials from Orchestrator and the password is retrieving in secure string(eg: SSO_Pwd variable).

When I tried using the password variable in Type Into Activity. Its asking me to convert the variable to String(SSO_Pwd.Tostring) but its entering the value as “” in the text box"

Any help ???


Hello @Sirisha

You should use Type Secure Text activity for secure strings


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We have raised this as an issue with Deskover directly however, there is a workaround. See the attached .xaml file. This allows you to convert the secure string to a string prior to using it in the activity. This isn’t too bad because at least whilst the data is being passed between machines the data is secure.

In reality you can use type secure text into notepad or an unsecure text box so this workaround is no less secure. The environment should protect you from this perspective.

Secure String.xaml (5.5 KB)

Deskover will probably use this solution to create an activity called Decrypt Secure String :grinning:



hi all
iam not able to retrive the username and password from the Orchestrator using the get Orchestartor activity, can anyone help me on this.

thanks .

What are you trying to do exactly?