Issue with Extracting Data from Data Grid View of windows application



I am trying to extract a data from Windows Application using screen scraping but it is not extracting the data properly with any of native,full text or ocr methods.

when i tried to scrape the datagrid from win7 machine it extract data properly but when i tried the same from a win 10 machine none of the scraping methods work.

Is there any other way to extract the data from datagrid view.



Hi @rishi,

Try to get data row by row. Get the selector for first row and loop through it dynamically and get the row detail and push it into datatable.


Formatting options in Get Full Text

Hi @arivu96 thanks for the answer. to loop through dynamically how can i get the row count of the datagridview rows.



Hi @rishi,

Use element exist before checking the data.
If it’s false break the loop.