Issue with dependency

I am getting this kind of error. Hoping for the solutions

hi @govindreddy_nagireddy

first of all upgrade your pkg
if not work do you use workflow inside your code?
if yes it seems its was build with legacy and your project is windows
open new project with legacy type and copy your seq to it

I have upgraded the package and few xaml files are not in the folder and do you meant to say I have to move all xamls to folder

i say create new proj with legacy type and add your pkg to it
then copy your sequncess from the old one to the new one.

Okay will try though

But my process is legacy before while upgrade to new version windows legacy seems to phased out

can you take a photo to your pkg in the left of your screen

Hi @govindreddy_nagireddy ,

Was a Conversion done from Legacy to Windows for your project ?

Yes recently I have done it

please try to create new project
add your pkg
copy your seq to new one
it will works

Comparability should be off windows not legacy

ok just try it in both