Issue with date format in Studio-X

I have a date in excel (formatted in Excel: ‘22-02-2021 11:35:00’)
That is the format as a website (Service NOW) expects it.
But when I use “Type info” it looks like ‘2021/02/22 11:35:00’
So somehow ‘-’ is replaced by ‘/’
As user of StudioX, I can’t assign variables.

By the way, if I change the cell in Excel for format “TEXT” then it works, but obviously I want to use it as a date, not as text

Please take a look at date Date worksheet in the Project Notebook to see how you can use fixed formatted dates using the Excel TEXT function.

Starting with the next version of StudioX, we will add support for reading the exact formatting from Excel.


Hi Flavius,
I checked that, it looked ok (as in your screenshot)
Good to hear that excel formatting will be in the new StudioX (currently I have 2020.10.4)
Now in Excel I formatted it as text, exactly as the website expects it.