Issue with data table populated with a data scrape

Hi there,

I am using a data table to populate with details from a scrape of data on a GUI page in a process that has 18 iterations.

The issue I am having is that at random points during the iteration the data table is being populate with incorrect data, looks like data from the previous scrape.

I have tried adding the Data Table Clear action and setting the variable I use to Nothing.

Can anybody suggest anything else I can do please?

There is a possibility that the tool is running ahead of the application - the data scrape happens even before the new page is loaded. This may lead to the older scrape getting into the datatable for a second time.

Is it something you suspect? If yes, you can handle the wait times for the table to load and the problem would be solved.

If this is not the case, and this :

didnt solve your problem too, then we might have to look into some work arounds


Before Scrapping Data table create new instance of the data table.
E.g. If the Data table name is “ExtractDataTable” then use Assign activity as

ExtractDataTable = new System.Data.DataTable.

Please refer attach workflow. (10.6 KB)

To test it -

  1. Login into “” web portal
  2. Click on Work Items
  3. Run the workflow

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Best Luck!!!

Hi there,

I have tried the suggestion above as well as making each data table a different name. It appears to have worked but I have also made a change to the way my iterations are listed, I have put like types together.

I will test this more over the weekend and let you know.

thanks for the help :slight_smile:



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Hi there,

I have tested my project with the solution above and some naming changes to the data tables created and it is now working without issue.

Thank you for the help with this, most appreciated.

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