Issue with Data Scraping

Hi Team,

we use uipath studio version 2018.2.3. currently we are facing issue with data scraping activities.
We would like to data scrap from web based applications which contains only div tags. There is no table tag involved. the data source basically from tree view control which generates from java-script at client side. we need to extract this as table formatted data for our further process.
kindly help if you are able to provide any work around.

Also please let me know if you need more details.

Hi @ramu_at,

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Check if you are able to select and copy all the content in page. So that you can paste it in an Excel.

Also, check if there is any option to export table as excel.

Hi Vivek,

Thanks. We tried and able to copy all the content in the page and paste in an excel file, but it’s not in the table format, all content in the save column (column. A1) in the excel file. We are expecting in the table format. Actually our data are displayed in the tree view. level by level.

Thanks for the quick reply. we have tried your excel option copy and paste.
it gives all the extracted values in one single column

Sample input:

11 12 13
21 22 23

we get results like below


Open the element using UiExplorere and check if each cell have Row number and column number attribute.

If so, you can use dynamic selectors. But you will need to read the cell one by one by looping and with help of a counter.

We don’t find any row number and column number attribute. Our web application has implemented with angular js (, <app-*> and

tags only) for dynamic tree view loading. So We are not able to find any row and column numbers.