Issue with click activity

can we get that website link to try by ourself?

:open_mouth: That is a bit Shocking

this looks like a accessible image
kindly use once GET ACTIVE WINDOW activity and inside that use CLICK IMAGE activity
if that image appears immediately when this page is opened
if we want to scroll down a bit then inside the GET ACTIVE WINDOW activity
use RETRY SCOPE activity with send hot key activity with key as down or pgdn and in the condition part use ELEMENT EXISTS or IMAGE EXISTS that choose that element
and then use CLICK IMAGE

Cheers @Anamika15

Please use stimulate click in property panel

Yes i am having the same issue. I changed to right click and found that the click is happening at the cursor not the selector. I turned cursor to null but the issue still persists. Why is it clicking at cursor and not ui element

Hi, were u able to resolve this as I am facing a similar issue