Issue with Apostrophe usage in Orchestrator

I am unable to use Apostrophe in the fields of Orchestrator. It’s not getting saved to the Orchestrator DB hence throwing error while using the field in workflow. Attached is the screenshot. Please suggest.
Anusha Gunda

Hi Anusha,

What the Orchestrator and Studio version?

Both are 2017 versions.

Hi again,

I’ve checked and it’s a known issue for 2017.1 version. Are you adding the apostrophe in TransactionInformation property? Because this will be fixed in the next release.

LE: I think a possible workaround for this would be to escape that character.

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Yes we have used it in Transaction Information property. Ok, Thanks.

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UI Path Team… We are still having issues with the apostrophe causing errors in Orchestrator when using queues. I heard that it will solved for in the 2018.2 version. Is this correct?

Hi @cbrunson

What version do you currently have? Yes, this is solved in the 2018.2 version.

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