Issue with anchor base with send hotkey

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I’am using anchor base with send hotkey and i encounter an error .

What can be the root cause ? how can i configure the selector of this send hoteky to be right ?

This is the selector of the field that i want to use Send Hottekey :

To use Send hotkey on this field :


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The selector seems to be using the id attribute which is dynamically generated by the webpage. Can you show how you’re creating the anchor? Are you using the label “Employee ID”?


HI ,

Yes excatly :

and i didn’t know what is the best configuration of the slector of send hotkey

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When you validate the Find Element activity, does it show as Valid?


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really i don’t know , when i run the process , he click Send hotkey on other button



Before using anchor base first try with searching the centre menu after you indicate the elemnet in ui explorer…mostly if you select one or two rows above the last row you might see a employee id in innertext and that would take care of identifying the elemnet directly instead of using anchor base…and try avoiding selection of dynamic id or atleast remove the dynamic number parts and use * inplace of them