Issue with Anchor base activity. How to select text box corresponding to a label whose position changes in the form every time


As shown in screenshot below, there is web page where if we click on the Form icon/image it opens a new window in Chrome, here we need to fill up the textboxes and dropdowns corresponding to various lablels/heading present. The position of these fields/labels is not fixed, sometimes these may appear, sometimes not, and at different positions. For example in this screenshot “Hourly rate” is at 5th position from top, but in some case it can be on 2nd or any other.

To resolve this issue I was working with Anchor base activity. Where I did following steps

  1. Attached Chrome browser of the main web page
  2. Clicked on the Form icon/image
  3. Checked whether Element exists (corresponding to the new window that is opened)
  4. If it is opened then inside it added Anchor base
  5. Inside Anchor base Searched for Element i.e.Lable for example “Hourly Rate” and inside Action, added “Type into” in text in front of it

Please see screenshot below for step 4 and 5 described above:

When I am running this bot, it is throwing error:

“The specified combination of selector, filter and scope is not supported”. Can anyone help in this , or provide any alternative way to fill up this form.


This issue was not resolved with the Anchor base activity. But I was able to create a strong selector using Indicate Anchor and Indicate Element via Ui Explorer, and removing variables and adding “aaname” tag separately. So in a way a generic selector was created, where each field was differentiated by just the aaname tag.

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