Issue with 2023.4.0: Unable to run code on robot machine: "Could not load file or assembly 'UiPath.System.Activities, Version="

Hi @antti.saaristo ,

While this solves your problem, unfortunately this is not the correct solution.

In 23.4, we split the packages in design time and runtime and the problem you and @oscar are facing is because of this split that is conflicting with other packages that you have in the process.

Your solution brings the whole design time package at runtime and that’s how other packages don’t have conflicts.

Stay tuned, a fix should be coming in the following week.


Hello @erghe ,

I see, well the most important thing is you have located the root issue and a fix is on the way! Thanks a lot!

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Good news. We launched a fix for the issue reported, you can find the release notes here: Studio - 2023.4.1 (

Thank you very much for reporting this and for the patience along the way.

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Hi @radutzp and @antti.saaristo and @erghe and @Anil_G,

Just saying that the new version of Studio Enterprise 23.4.1 fixes the issue!

I upgraded to the new version of Studio and published the same process and it finally works on my dev machine and on my Robot machine.

So good work UiPath devs for fixing this. And good work to me for reporting it and going through the debugging process :rofl: