Issue while using Process Document activity

Hi everyone,

I have recently downloaded the last version of UiPath (v2018) and I am testing the new IntelligentOCR activties. However, I am facing an understanding problem with the process document activity.

How can we generate a Flexicapture template to insert in DefinitionFiles field ? Intuitively, I would say that a Flexicapture template is based on a PDF file but I do know how to proceed.

Can anyone help ?

Thank you.


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to create a Flexi capture template you should use “Abbyy FlexiLayout Studio” using this tool you can create a template as explained below:

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Thank @Divyashreem for your answer. I will test it.

I am getting an error message for Process Document activity stating that my .fcproj file is corrupt. Please suggest.

What is the error message.?