Issue while using get mail activity

Scenario: get outlook mail activity says folder not found. Though folder is available. Works fine most of the times but fails sometimes. Making it unreliable

Steps to reproduce:

Current Behavior:

Expected Behavior:

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: 2018.1.4

Last stable behavior:
Last stable version:
OS Version: Windows 2012 R2 Server
Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc):

we a see below error in event manager uipath error
{“message”:“System.InvalidOperationException: Unable to resolve dependency ‘RestSharp (≥ 105.2.2)’.\r\n at NuGet.InstallWalker.OnDependencyResolveError(PackageDependency dependency)\r\n at NuGet.PackageWalker.Walk(IPackage package)\r\n at NuGet.PackageWalker.Walk(IPackage package)\r\n at NuGet.InstallWalker.ResolveOperations(IPackage package)\r\n at UiPath.NuGetHotFix.PackageManager.Execute(IPackage package, IPackageOperationResolver resolver)\r\n at UiPath.NuGetHotFix.PackageManager.InstallPackage(IPackage package, FrameworkName targetFramework, Boolean ignoreDependencies, Boolean allowPrereleaseVersions, Boolean ignoreWalkInfo)\r\n at UiPath.NuGetHotFix.PackageManager.InstallPackage(IPackage package, Boolean ignoreDependencies, Boolean allowPrereleaseVersions)\r\n at UiPath.Project.ActivityPackageManager.InstallOrUpdatePackage(IPackage package, IPackage installedPackage, IPackageManager packageManager)\r\n at UiPath.Project.ActivityPackageManager.<>c__DisplayClass24_0.b__0()”,“level”:“Error”,“logType”:“Default”,“timeStamp”:“2019-04-17T10:22:36.0950825-04:00”,“fingerprint”:“7a7ac8c9-974a-444f-ba4e-2f2ab6984a0e”}

PLease help me understand the cause and steps to overcome this.

Hi @Sheshi

Can you let us know when does this error happen? It’s a bit tricky, but I will try to list what could be done:

  • update/downgrade of the Mail activity package (see here for context)
  • upgrade of Studio to the latest version (we’ve just released Enterprise 2019.4 :slight_smile: )
  • contacting our technical support for direct assistance