Issue while trying to Deploy Bot

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I have done the provision robot by giving key, username, password from Orchastrator, and published a task from Studio to Orchastrator it was successful, package creation was successful but while I am trying to deploy the bot it was throwing an error(I think mistake in provisioning the Robot ), FYI adding the screenshots, it is throwing some in appropriate error even though i am giving proper details,
Can somebody help me what the mistake I have done in provision robot?

This might occur if you are currently logged in or running a Robot from Studio already.

Also, are there 2 users logged in to the machine? By Default, only 2 are allowed to log in at one time, but you can activate the Remote Licensing to allow more than that.

Also, check the UiPath.settings file which is located by default at C:\ProgramData\UiPath, and verify that Logontoconsole=false.


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Please find the complete steps to deploy a bot in orchestrator

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